I know this is probably an old topic. but:

As I was installing daemon tool today, I unchecked all the tool bars, wajam and permission to "share" my search result on my browser and - optimizer pro, however, even after doing so they still managed to installed PC optimizer on my computer which really surprises me.

i deleted the whole thing (all softwares and daemon tool) and reinstall again, and this time, for some reason it doesn't have the PC optimizer anymore. however it ask me to install white smoke and there are only two options : advance installation or custom, and either way you cannot "skip" or decline like i did with optimizer pro, as a result, I aborted the installation.

now i am really freaking out, even after deleting all the softwares installed, my anti virus dug up some viruses on my computer which I removed, and I wonder how many more softwares/spywares/adwares are still on my computer....