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Thread: Need free/cheap tool for creating cd-images

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    Default Need free/cheap tool for creating cd-images


    I need a free/cheap tool for creating daemon-tools-compatible
    cd-images (I want to use daemon-tools as a replacement for Virtual CD4)

    I have Nero 5.5, but it is a non-retail version that doesn't include
    Imagedrive (I posted already for help with nero, but we concluded
    that it's not possible without Imagedrive)

    thanks a lot,

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    Try Disc Dump from our download section on the main page ... there is even a nice "how to use"-tutorial
    You can also try CDRWin, the demo version is limited to 1x write speed but it creates images without limitation ...
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    Default CDRWin: 'Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors does not work

    CDRWin: 'Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors does not work:
    I get this error:

    Error: unable to read data sectors 810 to 836 on device 1:0:0
    read/write error or bad medium detected (04h 00h 02h 03h 11h 05h)

    another cd works fine but I can read te cd and play this game (MS Golf)
    without problems! Is there anything that I can do to fix this ?

    thanks a lot,


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