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    Default Help with Safedisc 2


    In a few days im leaving for college, and i thought it would be a good idea to create backups of a few of my games so i dont have to worry too much about property theft. So I started up alcohol 120% and started burning. I like allot of the old games, so allot of them had no cd protections (i.e. doom 2, heroes of M&M, etc.). But there are a few that i own such as Halo or Black and White, that use safedisc 2.
    So I started alcohol again but this time selected safedisc 2 in the datatype and then selected a slow speed so it would be more accurate. It successfully dumped it (i dumped them as .ccd) and i tested them by mounting and playing them with daemon. But, when I try to burn them onto CD-R's I get error messages saying that windows couldnt read the disc. Ive tried several times but it never works, am I doing somthing wrong?

    Oh yeah, Im running win xp, and my burner is an LG, HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4480B (0:0) <------ Taken from what alcohol says


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    hey chief, the problem you are having has to do with your cd drive. you may notice that if you put that same disk into another computer it will probably work fine. I had the same situation on my laptop from dell. I sent them an email saying that my dvd/cdrw wouldn't read some formats of cd-r that I'd just burned and they replaced it, and joy. it works great now.


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