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    I was wondering if there were any plans to add support for mounting DriveImage (formerly PowerQuest) PQI (and V2I) images. If not I would like to request it. Iand many othersdo regular backups with DriveImage and it would be very handy to just mount the image rather than use PQ's less than useful image browser.

    Thanks a lot.

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    I thought Daemon Tools is a CD emulator.

    Anyway Powerquest V2i is an properitery format therefore the chances of that is slim.

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    We do not plan to add support for any new image formats - all main formats on the market in our opinion are already supported (Alcohol, Blindwrite, Nero, Clone CD etc.).
    But if someone wants new (esp. proprietary) formats he is free to do it using our API and create new plugin.
    He is expected to know good corresponding format (its specifications)
    and be a good C programmer with knowledge of CDROM formats.
    Everyone with corresponding experience is free to contact us if he wants to contribute and add support for new images.


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