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Thread: Cant download DaemonTools 3.29

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    Default Cant download DaemonTools 3.29

    Hi, I cant download Daemontools on link , it shows me HTTP 404 error only, thank you for send of good link.

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    Yes, we fix the link asap! Thx for your report!

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    Default Download link broken again

    Can't download from the download page, get a 404 in Chinese.

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    not confirmed - the link works fine for me...

    I suppose we're both talking about the link to Daemon-Tools 3.29 from the Daemon-Tools' download page?


    I just saw that you'll randomly get redirected to either the or the website (which seem to be on different servers). If you're on, the download won't work, if you're on, it will.

    For now, you'll have to use the above-posted link (this one).

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