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Thread: CloneCD or Blindwrite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeSantana
    BTW, Alcohol incorporates BlindWrite as its writing component already, so you don't need that separately, it's the same thing.
    I seriously doubt this is true.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Duke
    Old SafeDisc >> CCD
    new SafeDisc (on CD) >> CCD or ALC120, on DVD >> ALC120
    secuROM (on CD) >> Blindwrite v.4, on DVD >> Blindwrite v.5
    A120% has no problems whatsoever with old Safedisc. I am not sure why people insist the CloneCD does this better.

    Don't forget that with default options CloneCD will burn new Safedisc with emulation enabled.

    Remember that by default SecuROM 4+ copies done with Blindwrite are also emulation required copies.
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    Plz, help me to delete hidecdr funtion installed by cdclone, i deleted cdclone, but this crap is still on, as one said that's the reason it gives me an error "emulation software has been detected" when i have no burning software.
    DOn\'t know i guess it went fine

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    You may take a look to THIS

    BTW: I found that thread by using the search-function! Although we really want to help people here, we also strongly suggest to invest some own "work", too.
    It can't be that we answer the same questions over and over again. The answers are already there, you only have to LOOK for it.

    Don't blame us when we start to ignore questions like these. I ALWAYS will from now on recheck if answer was already posted - help us to keep the
    more or less high quality of our content up-to-date!!

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