I just wanted to say thanks to everyone responsible for the product I so dearly love.

It is free products like Daemon tools (and in my mind) the geniuses that build these types of FREE tools that are the true stars of the computer world today.

Sadly, great companies like 321 Studios have been put out of business by the US Federal government. Not for good reasons either! Simply to protect the cavernously deep pockets of the recording and movie industry. This scares the crap out of me! Am I the only one that feels the slope getting slippery? I used to laugh at people when they screamed "Big Brother" and "1984". I am now one of them.

I am a young father barely scraping by, and if I could donate I honestly would do it. If Daemon tools were not free, I would have to pirate similar software to get what I need. I don't use Daemon Tools for that type of activity. Ironically, I use Daemon Tools so that I WON'T have to pirate illegal ISO's for backups. I use Daemon Tools to do the things I want to do with the software I purchase. I feel it is my right. The software companies disagree. Too bad! I BOUGHT the software at retail; I did not go into Blockbuster Video to rent it!

In my short 33 years on this earth I have seen tremendous changes toward the worst. Please people, wake up and fight. Register and participate at sites like www.eff.org and www.moveon.org.

Register and donate money to the people/organizations behind your favorite FREE products like Daemon Tools. Whatever action you take, just take some kind of action! Don't let yourself fall back to sleep!

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Brian - Democrat - NJ, USA