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Thread: Can I use an existing Virtual Driver?

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    Default Can I use an existing Virtual Driver?

    Operating System: XP Pro
    Burning Software: nero
    Anti-virus Software: norton
    DAEMON Tools Version: lateset

    Since I couldn't get Daemon Tools to work I tried Virtual CD, and it installed at virtual device "OBVIOUS DVD-ROM MAGIC 62 SCSI CdRom Device". I can mount the image, but Virtual CD doesn't have an emulation options. Can I setup Daemon Tools to use that virtual device?

    Or is there another program that just provides emulation to existing devices?

    How about a way to manually install the drivers?

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    Depends on what emulation you mean. If you mean emulation of old Safedisc, Securom and Laserlok then answer is yes: DT will emulate them on any drive. But if you mean MDS images with physical information needed to run new games then no: you need recreate images only with Alcohol or Blindwrite.


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