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Thread: Daemon Tools incompatible with DVDXCOPY (GEAR drivers)

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    Default Daemon Tools incompatible with DVDXCOPY (GEAR drivers)

    When using 321Studios DVDXCOPY 1.22 in conjunction with Dameon Tools (ver 3.26 or 3.29) the Gear drivers that come with DVDXCOPY will not detect my DVD burner (Sony DRU500A). If I remove Daemon Tools, the Gear drivers properly detect my burner. I'm using WinXP Pro w/SP1

    Has anyone else had this issue and are there any known workarounds?

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    Yes, this isn't the only problem with Gear. I have successfully got both working with my Sony 500A although I have another problem I posted with long pauses at startup. Nero has a compatibility program for GEAR that you can download and run, although I never needed to. I am told by 321 that there release will not see the DT virtual drive. Try renaming the drive type from DAMEON to Sony DRU500A in the virtual drives. Or, as I have done, load NERO's newest release. It won't let you use the virtual drive with DVDXCOPY still but it will work with your drive at least.


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