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Thread: fastload a disk during a game through hotkeys

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    Default fastload a disk during a game through hotkeys

    when i play something like myst II with 5 cds and a bunch of changing them, i dream sometimes of just using a ALT+CLR+F1 or something to load the last few items stored in the reacently-used-cd-memory of The Deamon. (which shuld of course not alter that reacently-used-cd-memory, or you wouldn't know anymore where which cd was... ;-)

    i hope that i didnt suggest anything already included in the program, or rewrite something 2001 people found other words for :oops:

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    You can use the Vdesk program; it uses hooks to provide hotkey functionality, so it should work with many (not all) games. LWIN+L is also hooked (it is not documented) so it is possible to use it if you want to go away for a moment while playing a game. You can get an actual version from my homepage.

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    It would be nice to have this feature integrated into daemon tools other than the fact that you need to download a third-party application to accomplish the task. :wink: perhaps the developers can consider such request? :mrgreen:


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