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Thread: Mounting MP3 Cue Sheets

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    Default Mounting MP3 Cue Sheets

    From the FAQ:

    Can i mount an AUDIO cuesheet which refers to MP3 files?

    1. No, the files must be in *.wav format. We cannot see any sense in mounting MP3 files as they can played directly from HD anyway.

    I wanted to suggest why this would be desired.

    I have seen two ways to rip a CD today. Either as individual tracks (multiple mp3 files) or as a complete CD (single MP3 file). However, when a CUE sheet is provided, within that there are the actual track times.

    Now obviously on the ripping side, I can see advantages of both - mix cds when ripped to MP3 as individual files seem to always have that "slight" pause in between songs whereas a single Mp3 just flows from one song to the other. But with individual Mp3 files, if I like only 2 or 3 tracks, I can just take them and toss the rest.

    The problem I have is - when a CD is ripped as a single MP3 with CUE sheet, the only way to extract "single songs" today, is to use something like Nero to burn a CD/CDRW - that will convert the MP3 back to WAV for CD. Then from that I can go and re-rip one or two tracks to Mp3.

    The harddrive reasoning doesn't really make any sense to me. I would think the main reason is because of the mechanics involved. ie Mp3 -> WAV? Basically seeing an MP3 "cue" mounted and then seeing individual tracks - and I am then forced to rip the "virtual CD" like a real CD - that is fine. Just a pain having to write out to a CD first just to "properly" rip a couple of tracks from it.

    If anyone has any suggestions, outside of this, I would appreciate them. I am not so inclined to use an Mp3 editor - unless someone knows of a really good app, that might actually allow you to load an MP3 + CUE combo and it would show the tracks within the program.


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    (A) Sorry, but NO I didn't read the READ FIRST POST.....
    (B) I see that I am not suppose to ask about MP3 Cue Sheets
    (C) I think there is some validity to being able to mount them with the cue sheets since they do allow you to "rip" specific tracks without having to burn the CD/CDRW.

    That being said, I can assume it will never be supported..
    (1) If anyone can provide thoughts on how to get around the CD/CDRW burning to rip the individual tracks, please help.

    and most importantly..
    (2) Sorry for posting this question.


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    Default My reason.

    I understand than this will never happen .. but here is my reason.

    I would need this for emulated games which I play using laptop (which does not have CD-rom drive.. so I can't use my original cd..)

    My laptop does not have big enough HD to store many games (which contain audio tracks) .. for example Sonic-CD is (SegaCD, with MP3 audio) is 150 M .. when converted to (example) nero image with audiotracks .. it's full CD.

    I don't know is this supported in alcohol .. it BSODs my computer.

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    Default Help Provided for the Needy!!!!

    Anyway, why don't the ripper guy use this small and very useful program (freeware!!) called musiCutter? Its link is

    It cuts the big mp3 to tracks using the cue file, it is really fast U KNOW...

    As for the guy who wants an audio mp3 emulator, use the Magiciso

    Create an iso file then mount with Daemon... :roll: I think that should help...

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    Concerning the ripping of individual tracks - in my experience, any non-substandard Wave Editor can load, convert, and save'em back? Even the Creative Wave Studio from 1999 does this, even with Xing VBR MP3s... although for short work on that i still prefer WinAmp's Disk Writer plugin

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    Default Re: Help Provided for the Needy!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ahti0a11
    As for the guy who wants an audio mp3 emulator, use the Magiciso

    Create an iso file then mount with Daemon... :roll: I think that should help...
    Great application. (tested it)
    Alltho I allready know how to create cd image with audiotracks .. if the size does not drop from fullcd-size, this program does not solve the problem. Audio did work before..

    My problem is not include audio to image. Problem is than uncompressed audio takes lots of space and I don't want compressed cd-image format or buy bigger HD to my laptop.


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