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Thread: BEWARE Browser HiJacker included in Daemon Download

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    Default BEWARE Browser HiJacker included in Daemon Download

    There is a Browser HiJacker included in Daemon Tools Lite download. For this HiJacker there is no fix for that I can find. I've asked Daemon for help, they were of no help at all. In order to get rid of this nasty, I need to completely reinstall Windows. If you also have this problem, please be in contact with me, I'm looking to start a class action law suit to recover costs plus damages.

    Dan Ostabar, LLB
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Ost View Post
    There is a Browser HiJacker included in Daemon Tools Lite download.
    That's a little vague. Could you please elaborate on this ?

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    Dan, sorry to hear about your problems. I'd be happy to direct you and any other users toward complete removal instructions.

    DAEMON Tools Lite has been available for many years, and it's difficult to guess which advertising add-on you experienced. I'm guessing you don't recall the exact DAEMON Tools Lite version number, if you try to recall the date of download it may help.

    Do you know when you installed DAEMON Tools?
    What Operating System (Windows 7, Windows 8, ...)?

    Which web browser did you have many problems with (chrome,firefox,internet explorer,...)?
    and how long after installing you began to have issues with your web browser?

    Regarding the possibility that your problem was not cause by the DAEMON Tools Lite installer:

    Logfiles created from Hijack This or Sysinternals' Autoruns can help diagnose such issues (doesn't apply since your issue is now fixed).

    For Internet Explorer: I find Autoruns especially helpful for disabling IE addons. It can help to discover: adware browser extensions,browser helper objects,windows LSPs, …

    For Firefox: there is a self-uninstalling firefox add-on called SearchReset that restores the default homepage and search providers.

    For Chrome: Search engine and other settings taken over by an unwanted program

    Each of these 5 websites below provide volunteer-based help and tutorials for restoring proper browser functionality if you are seeing any kind of homepage or search engine change. They can become helpful resources in the future if you need assistance removing changes done via ad-supported software.

    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    Default is also a browser hijacker whose main aim is to hijack the system. It should not be allowed to stay for long time in the PC. If you have detected its existence in the system then don't make any delay in its removal. Just download and make use of Removal Tool.

    Get more information:- Delete – How to remove | Delete Virus Spyware


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