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Thread: Twins.Emulation with daemon tools

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    Default Twins.Emulation with daemon tools

    "This is a new kind of emu method especially designed for TAGES.
    It is not quite a clone as we arent dealing with a 1:1 standalone copy.
    That is, the twinsector data have not been added back into the image.
    Technically it works like alcohol or dtools, running
    a daemon that "reads" the tdf file and emulates the twin sectors.
    This is released now so that people can enjoy this fine game
    and not 6 monthes after street date.

    Note: The TetrisEmu was created by some other fine folks, namely the
    Tetris Team. We cannot offer any support for it. Also feel free
    to release a 100% reversed version if you like, we have
    better things to do .'"

    - or -

    Yeh, that's it. A simple twin-sectors emultor. Can be used to make a fully
    working backups of some protected games and such. Of course you'll need to
    make/have proper clone and corresponding tdf file, don't ask us for help with

    WARNING: This is an initial software release and it may contain bugs. We advise
    you to backup all your sensetive data before it's installing and use. In case
    of any problems, try to uninstall it or undo any changes by booting in
    "Last Known Good Configuration".

    How to use. Burn/mount an UNMODIFIED clone of original cd (not neccessary
    bit-by-bit clone, just cd-copy with proper label will be enought). Run tetris'
    control panel, install driver (reboot required), and mount corresponding tdf
    file. IMPORTANT: To avoid possible problems, it is strongly NOT RECOMMENDED to
    modify original cd image, especially adding/removing any files from it.

    Things to be improved in the future versions (if any):
    - tdf automount
    - more complete emulation
    - any possible blacklists
    - better internal sync & security

    How to contact us? Try EFNet#.

    Finally, some funny quotes from the web (dedicated to twins-based protections),
    commented by us (special thanks to all stupid morons from & cdfreaks)

    > Right now, there is no emulator available, and we are the only resisting
    > protection. The explanation is straightforward: it is very difficult to do
    > all the steps such an emulation requires.

    Sorry baby, but we have some surprise for ya.

    > Statement: 'A tool that is able to make a 1/1 copy of a protected CD exists.'
    > Answer: This is an urban legend.

    No tools. And never will be. Well, if you're ready to waste few million bucks
    like protection's authors did, that's of course possible to create such a tool,
    hehe. But who cares when you can emulate it without any problems?

    > you have to play alot of the game to get all data you need for emulation
    > code of twinsectors.

    True noob's statement.

    > Twins is the strongest protection used in Games yet.

    Let's count. Released in 2001, used in a less than 10 games so far and all of
    them were cracked? Looks like nobody cares about "strongest" protection, eh?

    > Daemon Tools uses this technique almost since 1st release and emulation works
    > already almost 2 years long. Just feed correct image to it.

    Never seen that working for anyone. Looks like same vaporware as DT4. Oh, send
    me a copy, if any.

    > Physical protections all come down to a very simple question : can we read
    > more than we can write ? In other words, can a drive reliably and accurately
    > extract some information from a CD-ROM that a burner cannot write on a CD-R.

    Our ability to burn data on cdr limited only by it's design - prestamed spiral.
    Since protection based on "unusual" spiral, there are no ways to produce copy
    with a regular media and burners. No matter how you will arrange twins, you
    will never be able to fully forge original structure. Never ever.

    > Post-mortem:
    > The Spath method is incomplete and already a thing of the past.

    Totally agreed.



    does daemon tools 4 can emulate this tdf ?

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    will damon tools can mount tdf?


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