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Thread: unattended installation? :)

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    Default unattended installation? :)

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP1
    Burning Software: Ahead Nero Ultra Edition v6.3.1.25
    Anti-virus Software: BitDefender Plus v8.0 Professional
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    Don't know if this belongs here but if so, just move it

    Was just wondering if there is a way of installing multiple CDs without having to mount them on primary virtual drive. Like if I have to install a game which contains two CDs, then I would make two virtual drives, put CD 1 on first virtual drive and then put CD 2 on the second virtual drive and then it would just install automatically without asking me to put CD 2 in. I have tried this but I always have to mount the second cd on the primary virtual drive :x

    Anyone know anything about this? Is this maybe possible with other emulation programs like Alcohol 120% ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unfortunately this depends on the installer used by the program being installed. Some support multiple drives during installation, others don't.
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