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Thread: Virtual and real drives won't refresh

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    Default Virtual and real drives won't refresh

    I don't know if this is a problem with Daemon Tools or some other pirce [EDIT: piece] of software I've installed, but here's the deal:

    Starting just the other week, whenever I mount an image to my D-Tools drive, the drive just won't refresh. I watch it under My Computer, and when empty it says DVD Drive (E. When I mount the image, it changes to CD Drive (E. Also, sometimes even my real DVD-ROM drive will show the same symptoms. When I double click the drive, it says Please insert a disk into drive E:. Sometimes a restart will fix it, but lately nothing will fix it. I tried installing XP SP2, but it didn't fix it.
    I really don't know if it's Daemon Tools has anything to do with it, I uninstalled Alcohol and D-Tools but it still had the problem with my real DVD-ROM sometimes. Hopefully someone knows what might cause this.

    Thanks a lot,
    Thomas Shaddox

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    Interestingly, I have essentially the same problem, although it's intermittent--I can't reproduce it reliably. Sometimes when I mount an image using DT, the drive won't refresh with the correct contents. Sometimes it will still list what used to be in the drive. This is not just DT either--it happens with my CDRW drive as well. But, like I said, it doesn't happen all the time. I just tried it, and it worked fine.

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    The easiest way is in CloneCD settings (Tools menu) to enable Auto Insert Notification, you can also enable or disable (whatever you like) Auto Play of data and audio discs in Auto Play settings.
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    Default Re: Virtual and real drives won't refresh

    sounds like you've got some software that disabled autorun... this used to happen to me when i disabled autorun cause of a trial version of vm-ware, check to see if it has been disabled on your system (sorry i can't remember how, and can't check at the moment)
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