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Thread: DT Lite 4.49.1 Crashes Windows 8.1

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    Default DT Lite 4.49.1 Crashes Windows 8.1

    I read a thread on here that said DT sometimes causes the Windows OS to get stuck in a boot loop due to interference with some antivirus programs. I think that is what happened to me. A day after installing the newest version of Daemon Tools Lite from the disk-tools website, my laptop (running Windows 8.1) would get an error (IHSL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) at only about 2 seconds into startup and restart.

    I could not boot into safe mode or do a system recovery from my last restore point. It has already cost me upwards of 100 dollars to save my files after a system refresh. I've had nothing but trouble with this software, but I'm wondering if there are any known workarounds to prevent this fatal error from occuring again.

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    It would be better you contact to support center in order to solve this issue.
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