yeah i think you're right, there must be something on this pc that is causing it to fail!

quick recap

- the image and the original disc both work fine on my backup machine with dt pro and alcohol installed
- neither the image or the disc (i found this one out yesterday as i had been trying the original disc on my backup!) work on my dt ultra machine

so the variables are dt and the machine, although i reckon that as the disc also doesn't work it prob isn't dt ultra causing the problem (i could try installing dt pro and testing that just to be sure). i think though that i have some process-disabling-testing to do! its a bit annoying coz all my other dt ultra games (including securom 7 ones!) run fine.

thanks so much for your help in this! we got to a point where we proved the important stuff was ok (disc and image), the rest is me cleaning up my pc