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Thread: SafeDisc mini-image - what sector do I start at?

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    Default SafeDisc mini-image - what sector do I start at?

    Hi -

    I have few games that (still) require a disc in the drive to start. Since I'm running low on space I'd like to compress the images (if possible) into mini-images.

    One of those games is Sega Rally (the PC version that came out in 2007-2008). ((I didn't see this game listed on the forums page but I believe it uses SafeDisc 4.xx - please correct me if I'm wrong))

    I've made a mdf/mds file from the original game disc using DAEMON tools pro advanced. Following a tutorial posted on these forums I've selected 'Convert Image' and selected 'Compress image data'. I've checked 'Clear sectors' but I've no idea what numbers to use.

    Does anyone know what 'Start' and 'End' sectors I'm suppose to use?

    Many thanks!

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    Hallo, and welcome to the forums.

    What's the exact Safedisc version ?
    You can check that with ProtectionID scanning the installation folder - not the CD/DVD.

    If it's 4.5 or newer the creation is extremely time-consuming, as these versions have 400 additional sector checks which have to be determined with a buslogger like Bushound.
    At each game start only some of those 400 are checked, but next time some others.
    So one needs to do perform many, many game starts and then examine the Bushound logs.

    I did that once (Link), and believe me, it definitively isn't worth the hassle.
    Perhaps there is a generic algorithm to find the sectors, but i don't know it

    Maybe you can free some disc space by using a tool like Temp File Cleaner by Oldtimer:
    TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer - Geeks to Go Forum

    If it's Safedisc before version 4.5 i will gladly explain the creation process.
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