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Thread: Conflict with emulation software detected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomasss95 View Post
    Alright, I will do that and let you know if I get it working.
    I hope you get better soon!!
    Thank you very much !
    I'm a few hours at home doing my laundry. After all i have to stay another week.

    I would try to install with your original ISO, and only try to launch the game executable with the MDS/MDF combination.

    If that fails as well, you can try to create a new MDS or MDX image with DAEMON Tools Pro/Ultra (or Alcohol 52%/120%) using the New SecuROM Profile (set DPM speed to maximum).

    You can also try this free "portable" Alcohol 52% version to avoid any fiddling with adware offers during installation:
    In this version also set DPM speed to maximum and select high DPM precision.

    Good luck !
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    Thanks again for the help!
    If I have some time this weekend I will try that.

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