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Thread: Daemon Tools USB -sharing local iPhone to remote virtual USB - problem with iTunes

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    Frage Daemon Tools USB -sharing local iPhone to remote virtual USB - problem with iTunes

    I'm currently evaluating Daemon USB Tools, and I have a problem trying to pass an iPhone to a virtual machine.

    I've installed the demo version of Daemon USB Tools in both the physical computer where the iPhone is plugged (Windows 7) and in the virtual computer (Windows 8.1 Pro) (which is running inside another physical computer). Both Windows 7 and 8.1 can see each other through the network, firewall is not an issue.

    I'm able to share and connect my iPhone. However, in the VM Windows 8, it shows up in the device manager as "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" with an exclamation mark and an device status of "This device cannot start. (Code 10) The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device.". iTunes cannot find it, nor Windows Explorer.

    Any idea of what could be going on? Is it even possible to use Daemon USB Tools for this usage? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Please, specify, what virtual machine has been used this case?
    In case it is Virtual Box, please make sure you set Virtual Guest additions for Virtualbox machine. But even performing this steps would not guarantee correct behavior of Virtualbox USB emulation.
    Also, we tested with Vmware virtual machine (paid VMWAre license) and this issue was performed properly.
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    Yes, it's VirtualBox, and Virtual Guest additions are installed. Version 4.3.20 for both the program and the additions.

    Pity it doesn't work. Thanks for the reply in any case.

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