Hey all!

This is my first post but I use DT somewhat regularly.

My name is Tim and I was born in '86.....I used computers a lot as a kid for games and learning, my first PC (hand-me-down from my grandfather) was an AST Advantage.

Don't ask me why I added that but I did.

Although I use DT now, I could swear I remember it being something totally different as a child. When I was around 10 (so around 1996ish) I got big into chat rooms....stupid but I was a kid.
There were these programs you could download that would make it appear as if you were a hacker, I think I remember one function was something like you'd type in someone's screen name and then it would enter all this phony script into the chatbox and make it appear as if it were deleting stuff from or hacking his computer.

It was basically a fake chat room hack program.

There were a few of those programs, I used one (only a few times for fun) other than DT but I could swear I remember people using one named Daemon Tools to accomplish the same level of trolling.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

I'm not looking to use it, I don't even think chat rooms exist anymore (other than maybe IRC) but I'm just trying to satisfy a curiosity in my own brain because this has had me wondering for a couple years now.

Thanks for reading this lol