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Thread: Trying to mount with SCSI but getting error

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    Default Trying to mount with SCSI but getting error

    Some back ground,

    I am using Daemontools lite paid licences on a Surface Pro 3 which is a hybrid laptop/ tablet, which is running full Windows 10 preview 10041.
    not sure if the specs of the machine make a difference.

    My problem is when I try to mount my ISO image by right clicking and selecting " Mount to SCSI" I get the following error and not sure what it means

    Click image for larger version

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    Sorry if I am doing thing wrong here, but this is the second time I have started this thread but for the life of me just couldn't find the other so presume I did something wrong, Presume the post are instant

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    Same message when mounting to a DT device ?
    How have you created the ISO ?

    As the forum provides more of an additional/secondary user-to-user support please also contact
    the official support team with reference to this thread.

    P.S.: in the forum rules you've agreed to when registering it's stated that your first posts are moderated - which means that they are invisible for you until approved by a moderator/admin.
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    If I mount the iso normally there are no problem, is just when I try and mount it with scsi that I get the error ( see image below) , file was created with Daemondtools

    Click image for larger version

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