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Thread: Virtual IDE-Drives to bypass StarForce 3

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    Default Virtual IDE-Drives to bypass StarForce 3

    At the moment DT only provides virtual SCSI-Drives. But the problem with this is as you know that SF3 don't accepts SCSI-Dives as long as there are IDE-Drives present. So you have to unplug/disable all IDE-Drives in order to emulate a SF3 protected game at the moment.

    But this problem wouldn't exist if DT would be able to emulate IDE-Drives.

    So I would like to suggest you to add such an option to DT.

    This would be (combined with mini Images) the final answer to StarForce 3.

    Thank You

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    I remember reading somewhere at this forum that making virtual IDE drivers is either very hard or even impossible, I'm not a programmer so I can't comment on that.

    If some programmer could shed light why virtual SCSI is possible while IDE is not I'll get him/her a virtual beer!

    Also, does the new AHCI found on Intel's ICH6 southbridge make any difference?
    On feature level it seems to be a mixture of EIDE and SCSI controllers..


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