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Thread: Problems with 48x burning

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    You are using a lite on burner ?

    I remember this problem
    Its a bug in your lite-on burner firmware
    I got a older burner, type LTR-24102B
    with the same bug
    Its possible to update your firmware

    Go To :

    Maybe this is your problem, I dont now for sure

    Greets Jeroen :lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Copytrooper
    Check if you have MS Office installed, if the idiotic indexing option fucks up your writing ...
    I had no idea about this in Office. Can anyone provide a "Ho to" or "Where to find" to disable or at least check this please?

    I have a plex4824a that has been acting weird on subchannel data that I have never had before with my old hp9310i burner.

    Thanks again


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    I have a plex4824a that has been acting weird on subchannel data (...)
    If itґs with subchannel data only the cause is for sure not the indexing option of MS Office. Can you describe the "weird acting"?
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    the graphics layer on the final burn creating CD+G (karaoke) cd's get's distorted & I'm having compatibility issues playing on dome cdg players.

    Never had any problems like this b4. Not sure what is & ny firmware is version 1.4 which is the latest.

    Appreciate any suggestions .. i always burn and extract my cd's very slowly so i'm not sure what the deal is.



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