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    How can i remove the spyware Incredibar that comes with daemon tools lite that has slown down my computer?

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    For test purposes i've installed Incredibar in Virtual Box.
    First search your Add or Remove Programs list (XP) or Uninstall or change program list (Vista/7) for Incredibar toolbar & IB Updater entries.
    Check your browers Add-On Manager and remove the toolbar there if possible.
    Check your browser makers' support sections on how to change your start page.
    Check your Prgram files folder for Incredibar & IB Updater leftovers.
    Finally please check this page, Point 6, to reset other "mystart" changes in Firefox - e.g. the "newtab" setting

    Please also have a look here:
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    If you want to remove it by yourself here are the steps you need to follow:

    If you haven't done it yet, open your browser and then disable the toolbar from the add-ons list .

    Go to C:\Program Files and search for a folder called MyStart Incredibar (or something relative). Uninstall it by opening the uninstall.exe file.

    For more information and details you can look here Get Rid Of MyStart By Incredibar

    Do you have an antivirus and an antimalware program, I strongly recommend you download both for more safety. Here are some examples:

    Kaspersky Lab | Antivirus Protection | Internet Security, Norton Antivirus and Internet Protection Software | Norton UK or Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download.

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    It is incredibly viable adware. The hack is still relevant today.
    Old guides no longer content applicable tips.
    Fresh recipe for the removal of mystart search popup ads is avialable.
    It goes along rather optional software. The manual steps are well-elaborate. However, the software selection does not match the quality of guidance provided Remove MyStart Search. MyStartSearch engine removal in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer | ScaryBear Software


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