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Thread: Has DT stooped to a new level of low?

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    Böse Has DT stooped to a new level of low?

    Really, installing a "search engine" or as it really is a browser hi-jacker. How dare you secretly install this unwanted stuff without the users consent?

    As the PC Pro technician I am, I found this easy to remove but what about someone who doesnt have a clue on how to get rid of this?

    Disgraceful, I honestly dont know what your dev team was thinking, version 4.47.1 was perfect, why didnt you just reskin that version instead of screwing up everything? What do I mean by everything?

    1: Where is the virtual drive in My Computer gone, why remove it? It was such a useful feature.

    2: Taskbar icon removed for some reason.

    /reinstalling V4.47.1
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