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Thread: mounting encrypted image

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    Default mounting encrypted image

    How about adding support for mounting an encrypted image? Keeping data on encrypted images is a really nice feature, and being able to mount them with d-tools would be equally great. Personally, I use linux for making the images, an example of a DVD image given here;

    # dd if=/dev/urandom of=image bs=1000000 count=4699
    # losetup -e aes /dev/loop0 image
    # mkudffs --udfrev=0x0150 --lvid=dvd --vid=dvd --media-type=hd /dev/loop0
    # mount -t udf /dev/loop0 /mnt/image

    If I don't specify "-e aes" to losetup, the resulting image is unencrypted and already mountable by d-tools. Which is why I dare hope that adding a "decryption" loop in d-tools is possible... maybe even not too much work...

    Ofcourse, I can (and do) mount and use these images on linux, but the ability to read them on windows as well would make this a somewhat more portable operation.

    I have no idea if losetup's method of doing this (ie image structure) follows any standard(s) that might exist.

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    encryption is planned for the DT V4 version

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    Something similar that what CrossCrypt does would be great. The possibility to create and mount encrypted (AES, Blowfish,...) images would make DT the definitive tool.


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