- When installing the application and removal of a tick to send anonymous information and start the program (in the settings) is checked to send anonymous information correct
- When you run Image Editor and clicking on the button maximized when to go out and run again, the program is run in a window, correct
- And please include the startup programs and default agent
also I would love a nice view, no transfer of text in Russian (Monty Rowan, Converter ted, as well as the editor preserves the thread) to make one line, please
audioobraza when creating the panel of the image (instead of stretching, displayed a question mark, though, and there stretching, consider a minor bug, and the panel defect is obtained, similar to winME
and the translation would replace Russian with the info panel on the dashboard
and lastly, I would like the option Destination shortcuts, and disable them completely removes the dashes to +
that's all, a wonderful forward to a new version of the product, thanks in advance!