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Thread: Best Audio Disc Image File Format

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    Frage Best Audio Disc Image File Format

    I am making some audio CD disk images, and DAEMON Tools has defaulted to the MDX file format. Is this the best option for audio CDs?

    It only has MDX, MDS or ISO.
    There is no BIN/CUE option, which is what I used to use for audio CDs, and I am pretty sure the ISO format doesn't support audio CDs.

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    Personally, I use Exact Audio Copy or CueRipper (from CueTools) for creating images of my CDs, mainly because it rips each track several times, and verifys that they are the same each time (aka Secure ripping).

    Daemon Tools will be able to mount the Cue/Wav combination it produces, and you'll be able to burn it with Imgburn or the burning component of Daemon Tools pro.

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    Contentwise there is no difference between DAEMON Tools' proprietary image formats MDS and MDX,
    and there is no advantage or disadvantage compared to CUE/BIN - except compatibility.

    Saying that in a neutral way, if you are a "purist" you might prefer the EAC/dBpoweramp/etc. way with Secure ripping.
    You won't hear a difference, but it will be as exact as possible.
    And those programs use the more common CUE format.
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