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Thread: Help with making perfect images of games...

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    Default Help with making perfect images of games...

    I have been testing all of the software out there and cant seem to make a perfect 1:1 copy of my games. I dont know if it is my cd burner or the discs i am using. I have a samsung burner and i am using maxwell cds for my blanks cdr-s. So i was wondering if anyone out there could help me with this stuff. Thank you very much.

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    could you post the EXACT model please. ALso, try using alcohol 120 or ******** to burn the cd. And what cd are you trying to burn?

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    The model number for my cd-burner is a Samsung CDRW/DVD-SM332B. It is an all in one cd burner. I am currently using alcohol 120%, i made some images for the games that i wanted to back up, i ran them and they ran fine. But then when i tried to burn it onto a blank disc, then the program froze. I am trying to back up my medal of honor allied assult and spearhead. I am using maxell cd-r 700 MB. I hope this is enough info for you.

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    I have also tried to use game jack but it makes my computer freeze and restart. The makers say there is an update coming out but i havent seen it yet.

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    does it freeze if you try simulation? also disable any background stuff like antivirus and firewall. do you or have you every had easy cd?

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    I have not tried to close all of my background programs, ill try that. But why does the image work fine but then the disc i just burned not work. I turned all of the emulation stuff off and it still works fine. Is my image a 1:1 copy? Is my burner good to do these kind of things? What blank CD-Rs should i use? I have easy cd creator, but it wont work with maxell cdrs. Should I try a different brand? If you could help me that would be great.

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    first off, easy cd is evil, and you should not use it; uninstall it!
    if the image works with d-tools (no emulation);
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    then it is probably 1:1. goto and lookup the copy protection. perhaps something is messed up with your burner or windows? try maybe uninstaling some things.

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    Thanks, ill uninstall somethings and try it out again. Ill let you know if i am still having the same problems. Thank you.

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    If I were to remove easy cd do you think that it would fix my problem that I am having?

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    Easy CD Creator leaves many files on your system although you deinstall it so it's not at all said that deinstalling it will solve your problems. But it will definitely be a good start to get a clean system

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