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Thread: Compressed Filesystem on a CD with iso to mount with DT?

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    Default Compressed Filesystem on a CD with iso to mount with DT?


    And thanks coders!

    Compressed Filesystem on a CD rom how? i.e. by saving like 15%
    space I can have like 2-3 smaller iso's on one real CD.

    Also Decompression is faster than CD access by far I belive?

    Might be the way to burn "large" ISO's on older Burners - rather
    than overburning technics and hunting for biggest CDR-medias.

    Win95 and win98 have some software for HD compression that
    could be used? problerly there are even better out there?

    I know it is not a Demon tool thing. But a smart guy could make
    a "cookbook" for the rest of us on how to do this?

    Linux has a compressed ISO thing maybee Demon tools could "learn"
    to mount that format - and we could form a project on how to make
    this disks?

    Please if you know about this - give your shot for a road map for this....

    Any pointers for compressed file systems or other usefull info
    would be nice.

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