Operating System: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
Burning Software: CloneCD, CD Mate Deluxe Version 2.5.4 Build 17, Nero
Anti-virus Software: McAfee Professional 7.03
DAEMON Tools Version: DAEMON Tools 3.47


I have a major problem. After installing the Sims 2, it recognized the Daemon Tools emulation and refused to start, so I uninstalled D-Tools. The problem is, I had changed the letter of some drives, so as to have a virtual drive with the letter E. I think that, because of this, when I uninstalled D-Tools, Windows refused to dismount the drive E.

Now, the problem is, whenever I try to re-install D-Tools, Windows crashes and tells me it recovered from a major error. I've already tried the solutions in the forum to manually uninstall D-Tools, and I've already changed the drive letter to G, AND uninstaled it, but it's still there, and the setup keeps crashing windows.

The solution seems to be installing D-tools and then removing the virtual drive with it... Ironic, isn't it?

Can you help me in some way?