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Thread: How to dump BG2 ToB , a Laserlok v5 protected disc?

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    Default How to dump BG2 ToB , a Laserlok v5 protected disc?

    I have DT Pro Advanced 5.5 and i wanted to make an image of Baldursgate 2 Throne of Bhaal
    According to ProtectID it is secured with Laserlok v5 (Build 26.06.01).

    Which Profile in the image creation menu comes closest for this protection?

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    It's the Old SecuROM profile that comes closest.
    Additionally you have to tick Ignore bad blocks (Add bad blocks) and set the Number of retries on bad block hit to 0.

    Having said that it will still take a very long run to create an image with DT Pro as it doesn't have an Advanced Sector Scanning feature like Alcohol 52/120%.

    Therefore you might wanna try the portable version of Alcohol 52% (free) attached here to create this very image:
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