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Thread: After daemon install, my drive letters changed...

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    Default After daemon install, my drive letters changed...

    Operating System: XP PRO CORP ED (AX 2528PDS Toshiba dynabook; 700+ RAM)
    Burning Software: Nero ENT ED
    Anti-virus Software: Norton 2004
    DAEMON Tools Version: latest (3.47?)

    I just installed the latest daemon and rebboted. After The system re-started, my USB HD letter ghanged from G: to I:.

    Most of my programs are installed on the USB drive since it's 160gig (and my main PC is a laptop).

    When I go to Computer Management, the lowest available drive letter to use is I:, so I can't change it back to G:.

    Anything that I try to run (including deamon) gived my the, "insert disk into drive" error since it can't 'find' the software.

    I am sceptical about uninstalling deamon since I down't know if it will change the drive letter back to the origional one assigned.

    Ironically, the DVD-ROM drive and the removable RAM disk kept their drive letters (which both came AFTER the USB drive..)

    I DO need deamon, so I really don't want to uninstall, but I don't want to screw up the system to the point of having to format and reinstall to get the stystem back up to par

    Any ideas or advice?



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    sorry for the typo's... typing in the dark on a laptop can be a pain :P


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    Operating System: XP PRO SP 2
    Burning Software: NERO, ALC, BW
    Anti-virus Software: AntiVirXP
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    try to REMOVE drive letters g and i first, then reassign as you like it. if it says something about locking probs, you may need to reboot. i donґt know whether usb drives behave differently, but at least you might give it a try.
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    Thanx for the info.... It took awhile before I realized that it had actually assigned the deamon virtual drive to G (for some reason... dunno why).. so I changed it to a different letter.. and then was able to change my USB back to G again...

    Dunno if anyone else has had this problem.. but if they do, I hope they find this thread and it will help them too

    Thanx for the quick response


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    i have the same problem.

    if i install dt4, when i reboot, all my drive letters (C -> K) change

    if i uninstall dt4, the problem disapear...

    sorry for my english, i am french

    and thanx for responses

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    Start -> Run -> execute diskmgmt.msc and change the drive letters the way you want.
    Note that the drive letter assignment is done by Windows, so this is not a Daemon Tools issue.
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    Default system changes the virtual drive letters i assigned them

    Quote Originally Posted by Copytrooper
    Start -> Run -> execute diskmgmt.msc and change the drive letters the way you want.
    Note that the drive letter assignment is done by Windows, so this is not a Daemon Tools issue.
    I've done this, it works, but it doesn't prevent the letters to be changed back:
    I'm always assigning the letters W, X, Y, Z to the 4 daemon virtual drives i use, but these times, the letters are often automaticaly re-assigned back to the firsts letters available on my system (like reseted).
    It's to say the 4 vd letters become g,h,i,j instead of w,x,y,z.
    Knowing that my C,D,E,F letters are already in use (C,D,E = HD + F = Alcohol

    I'm often forced to re-assign my prefered letters to the 4 v.drives, but soon after i discover that the letters have been changed back.
    We were thinking about cureRom problem but it's not because in this thread, DomiOh have the same pb but doesn't use cureRom...

    After some more testing it appears to come from cureRom registry keys cureRom update should improve this...
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