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Thread: How about a feature to mount RAR of ZIP archives as a CD?

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    Hey, I was searching for a plugin to mount from rar images also, but they say its not possible.

    I have however a tip, use .NRG (nero) as image, tis will save some space

    Or of course when you find a better type... 8)

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    I'm still waiting for the answer to my question above!

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    Default Re: How about a feature to mount RAR of ZIP archives as a CD?

    What about decompressing the archive to a RAM drive (such as StarPort) and mouting it from there?

    One problem would be that it will need to be decompressed again after a reboot. Maybe that could be automated with a script.

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    You're are aware of the amount of RAM needed for decompressing, the RAM drive and the OS?
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    Default I'll celebrate my 150th post by...writing a rant.

    On-the-fly decompressing and mounting RAR/ZIP/whatever packed images is a more and more useless feature every passing day.

    Compression doesn't even help much at all as modern installation CDs are already compressed. Those images with lots of empty/compressible data can be created as sparse files or transparently compressed using NTFS.

    To back up my words I compressed 20 CD images made with Alcohol with newest WinRAR and "good" compression setting, other settings at default. Before compression the files took 15,1GB, after compression 14,2GB so I saved a whopping 900MB (6%) of space while the compression took over 30 minutes on a very fast computer*.

    Myself, instead of spending my time for de-/compression, RAM disk management, writing scripts and defragmenting the archives I would just spend 60/125 euros to a new 120/250GB drive (anyone want to estimate how much does 120/250GB of legal software cost for comparison?) instead of spending much more for huge RAM disks (and a new drive to store all those compressed images sooner or later - 6% won't last forever).

    I'm sorry if I sound too pessimistic; a fast, efficient and completely transparent compression could be useful. However, such solution doesnt seem to exist yet and even if this miracle compressor could save 18% of space instead of 6% it would take only 4-7 months before the ever increasing GB/euro ratio would make up for it.

    *relevant test machine specs: Prescott/3,9GHz, 2GB DDR400, 2x36GB Raptor RAID0.

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    Default Re: I'll celebrate my 150th post by...writing a rant.

    I started to make a post here, then I realized that this has been a never ending debate in the 'Daemon Tools Suggestions' forum, and everyone probably feels pestered about it. So nevermind.

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    Idee mounting archives on virtual drives

    Actually there is a program that can sort of do this. Mount archives as disc drives, I mean... It's called PowerISO and it's a commercial product. I know it can access and mount, on it's own drive btw, it's own archive format, .daa files, not sure about rar/ace/zip/etc though, because i haven't use it in a while (i had some trouble with some of its older versions and havent used since). Now about the compression ratio, i can't remember how much compression there was in the .daa, because, as I already said, I haven't used it in a while. But there is an alternative. I did see, and use/mount, a compressed ISO. Not a rar/ace/ziped one, but an ISO that had a compression ratio of about 48% on it's own and, to my knoledge D-Tools didn't have any trouble mounting it. I can't tell you what program was used to make that ISO because i got that image as is. And furthermore when i rar-ed that iso the rar was even 60% smaller. Trust me it's true, the ISO is abou 912 MB, the rar about 379, and the extracted files from the iso add to about 1.9 GB or so. Gonna try and use Nero InfoTool to see wich program made that ISO. Tell me if you are still interested... and I will get back to you... :wink:

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    there was a program i used a long time ago in win98 called zipfolders (or a name very close to that) which did exactly what the user requested, it worked transparently, a zip file became a folder, anything copied to/from the folder was compressed/decompressed on the fly, transparently to the user, there were also other utilities that compressed the system memory and so on, so the entire concept is possible, but it is a lot of work, a hell of a lot

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    Default Re: XP built in zip support and Zipfolders and PowerISO and DT compressed images

    Doesn't XP do something similar in making dragging, droping, and even file searching within zip files look as easy as using a normal folder? I think it does but I'm not sure of the specifics or limitations as I normally use Winzip exclusively.
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    xp does do that. ive only ever seen it done to small files though. no one uses .zip for a large file lol.

    if you really need room. you could make a script or something that extracts, and then mounts your image. then deletes it.

    if you had enough ram and system specs this would be good. but still. pointless.

    i think either way, the zip or rar would have to be extracted, if only partly.

    seems to be easier just to have your files on your hdd. i mean a 200gb hdd isnt more than 150 AUD?. I know some people mite say that thats alot of money, but think about how much it would cost if the daemon guys were being paid to make the rar thingy!

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