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Thread: How about a feature to mount RAR of ZIP archives as a CD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsnb76 View Post
    Why: Because Storing Split Rar Images over a Network is the most feasable way to access files that are larger than the fat32 2gig limit
    You can also split images to avoid that.
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    You may well have a *NIX file server in a mixed environment without ever using FAT32; the underlying file system doesn't matter. Just use Samba, which effectively functions as an abstraction layer. The client doesn't care about ext2/ext3/UFS or any other underlying file system, the protocol is file system independent. Windows Vista even has an NFS client included, although it's not very practical in my opinion.

    If you have external drives that you use on both Windows and *NIX computers, use ext3 on the disk and install an ext2/3 filter driver for Windows. Most other OS-es are able to use ext2/3 out of the box.

    Daemon Tools has always been about emulating optical drives. Mounting .gho, .vmdk etc. is outside the scope of Daemon Tools functionality (as of today anyway - I have no idea what the future may bring).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsnb76 View Post
    Ghost Explorer does not let you 'mount' the image, very unfun if you want steer around in that image in anything other than ghost explorer, do searches, image that image with another program.
    Maybe you can make an .iso of the partition you want to ghost..?
    In some situations i use "UltraISO" to make an .iso container-file to collect/store files.
    For example, all drivers, apps, knowledge.txt, etc. i use/need are together in 1 iso.

    On one side, it would be a great, if DT can do this.
    On other side, it would be really not necessary for me personally.

    AND: imho, it is better to have ONE (seperate) tool/s, that works perfectly,
    than a tool that have so many/too much features, i would never use.. and it is full of bugs.. and complicated to use..

    I think, more bigger and more features an application have,
    more buggy it can be.

    OK, lets see what the future (or Santa Claus) will bring us..

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    I agree with Artl. While the ability to do some of the things jsnb76 suggested would be nice, I wouldn't want to see DTools become a bloated program by inducing feature creep like this. The more unnecessary functions that are added, the more the program begins to become overburdened and unwieldy. It's best for it to remain a smaller program, specific to what it does.

    Remember the old saying, 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. That's not what DTools aims to be. It's better to have many utilities that have specific applications - and do them very well - than one app that does everything, but only meagerly.

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    thanks jito, exact our opinion. However, it might be happen that
    we offer such functionality later as plugins (so that main-app
    isnt affected by it directly).

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