Not really a suggestion, but I hope this is useful.

I have been using Daemon Tools / Alcohol120 for a while. But have just discovered the wonders of DaemonScript as well. It's saved me so much hassle trying to teach my wife and kids how to mount images - I certainly don't let them go near any original CD's.

Anyway, I get the impression that the video mode change thing hasn't been addressed in DaemonScript, though it seems relatively simple to implement. I am not really a programmer but find it occasionally helpful to knock little utilities up in Delphi. So I knocked one up that if passed a correctly formatted parameter will change the video mode then exit. It can be used as a 'RunApp'. If no parameter is passed, a small window appears listing all the currently supported video modes. The parameter format is simply '640x480x8x85' for 640x480 8bit 85Hz.

It works for WinXP. I don't know what else. Wish I new more so I could change the video mode back after an app has finished running, but as I said I only do the occasional bit of programming when worthwhile.

Anyway, if you want to try it I have uploaded it to http://www.yeomanfamily.demon.co.uk/...geResClose.zip