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    Default command and counquer: Generals

    i tryed copying command and conquer: generals, i checked the protection and sent alcohol to use safedisc 2/3 but whne it starts to make the imiage its keeps saying block read failed or somin and takes a long time. any one know or have the same probblem know the soultuion?

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    Reduce the read speed to 4x or 8x (so the drive won't waste time by spinning up'n'down all the time), and keep it going. The errors are part of the protection.
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    how long should it take. it like starty and about 0.4 % it stalls and takes forever just to go up 0.1%

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    The unreadable sectors are all in the first ~10,500 sectors (usually about the first 3% of the disc). How long it will take will depend on how fast your drive is at error skipping.

    Just be patient. Once the program has worked through the first 3% or so, it will speed up to normal extraction speeds and it will take only a few minutes to read the remaining 97% of the disc.


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