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Thread: Hello DAEMON Tools community!

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    Daumen hoch Hello DAEMON Tools community!

    We are proud to announce the beta testing program for new Android application!
    If you want to take part in application improvement, you are welcomed to join the team!

    Please follow the https://play.google.com/apps/testing...csoft.catchapp to download the app and join.

    ✸ Share files between devices ✸

    Anywhere. Anytime. All you need is WiFi!
    Just pick some images from gallery, or any file and folder from device file system and send it to your friend with one tap!

    ✸ Receive automatically ✸

    After adding friend's device to the trusted list, all data from it will be received automatically.

    ✸ Save all on the places ✸

    Books to books, Music to music!
    You can assign unlimited number of folders to save files by their extensions. All data is sorted, saved and up to date!
    Don't worry! Be Happy!

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    Default https://forum.daemon-tools.cc/showthread.php?t=40463

    Hello Guys,
    Hope you are doing well.i am new here at this forum.Daemon your app have very nice and it's services are very good.working is quickly.thankx for this good Application.i will share to your app with another persons.thankx again and keep it up.

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