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Thread: I have an interesting problem!!!

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    Default I have an interesting problem!!!

    I have noticing lately that all 700 MB discs burned on my CD/DVD burner have not been readable on that drive. Let me explain. The burner is working just fine. I know this because I have a USB external CD-ROM drive and I am able to view the contents in Windows Explorer. This is all media types that I put in it burned from the burner I mentioned.

    Then I put those same discs that I just burned (both contain the same files) in the burner and using Windows Explorer, I can view the files from the 650 MB disc, while the 700 MB disc is totally unviewable. I don't even see the volume name.

    I am not sure where to start looking for the solution to this problem. That is where I need the help. I worry that this is a XP SP2 problem, but I can't be sure when the problem started. I don't like the idea of removing SP2. It seems to be working fine for me. So, where do I start, software or hardware. Windows OS or applications. Could it be Daemon Tools causing my problem? Thanks for your help. :?
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    dont know why, but try it with a firmware update for your cd burner.

    And please give some information about the burner, like manufactor, firmwareversion and so on.

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    Default updates

    try to update drivers or burner,

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    The darnest thing has happened. A week or 2 after posting this message, I noticed that everything I stated was going haywire with my burned had cleared up. I did nothing but reboot several times during this period. My suspision is that I had been trying to use another USB external burner during this time and had somehow conflicted with my normal burner. Someday I will try to duplicate and solve why this happened. Thanks for your input.
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