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Thread: 'cloaking' of daemon tools existence

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    Default 'cloaking' of daemon tools existence

    You've probably heard this before from illegits. Sorry to repeat it.

    I just got battle for middle earth at best buy for Christmas from my grandparents and installed it. I eagerly set up a multiplayer with friends, as soon as it finished installing I tried to run it.

    "CD/DVD emulation software detected, please uninstall all CD/DVD emulation software and try again."

    So, I'm about to return the game. I'm not going to let it tell me how to run my system.

    Currently I use daemon to emulate Starcraft/diablo 2/warcraft 3/morrowind so I don't have to constantly switch those out. I already have 3 local CD-rom drives and it's just hellacious.

    Are there any plans in the near future to add a cloaking capability to stop these programs from probing my system?

    All the suggestions aside, I *LOVE* what you guys are doing!!

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    The message is NOT caused by Daemon Tools!
    And please don't double/cross post.
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    I know it isn't caused by daemon tools and that it's caused by programs detecting daemon tools. Is it possible to prevent these programs from detecting daemon tools, or is there an update planned to do this in the future?

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    The programs DO NOT detect Daemon Tools in this case :!: Such message points to SafeDisc which has NO problem with Daemon Tools, but with CloneCD's Hide CD-R media function. :!:
    If you get other message (e.g. SecuROM), it's some kind of blacklist with no perfect workaround, so we always work on it - no need to suggest it :!:
    Everybody be cool! You, be cool!
    They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!


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