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Thread: can't install it

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    hey, thanx for the .msi but, still wont work. damn cant place my screenshots, havta tell u. "the file X:.....daemon280\daemon.msi is not valid installation package for the product DAEMON Tools. try to find daemon.mis..." i also tried uninstallin but there we NO uninstall button of repiar. it only showed the size and the use(and the name, Daemon Tools.).
    WDG DE/\\TH

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    Default Sorry but.....

    I have the same deamon problem. I forgot the what version I was using exactly. But I remenber that it was Ver. 2.8?. So, I also would like to have deamon.msi version 2.80 to 2.90. If it is posssible, please send it to the

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    ok, here is how you can check your version:

    open regedit.exe
    browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Prod ucts
    go through each key (should be funny named character strings)
    look to the right pane, under ProductName and look for daemon tools
    post the version number (will be in hex, but that's fine)

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    Default thanks

    Thank you for your kind advice!
    I checked my version and it was V2.58!!
    I'm terribly sorry, but could you send me the .msi for V.2.58??
    My adress is

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    There's never been a version 2.58!!

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    Are you sure you read and translated the hex properly? Can you paste the HEX (0x????????) from regedit?

    maybe good ol' windows messed up your installer data?

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    Is some file from older version still present? Eg. daemon.inf or daemon.mpd/sys/dll?
    If you did not delete them manually then WINDOWS\daemon.dll is most likely still present, and you can check its version.

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    Default ???

    I'm sorry I miss understood.
    It was 0x02580000(39321600).
    I thought it meant V.2.58.
    So which version is it????

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    It's Version 2.88, but damned, both emailservers are down (I've massive probs with the emailserver and my provider (t-offline :mrgreen: ) - maybe someone from Betateam or the other Admins/Mods can help you... or you just wait till I'm back online with the emailserver

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    0x02580000 (39321600) wat version is taht, if u no send me it. i really want to use daemon tools. thanx :P - LOL LOL LOL IT WAS THE SAME VERSION AS THE OTHER GUY! LOL. I still need 2.88 if thats the version... LOL stupid me, im so blind.
    WDG DE/\\TH

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