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Thread: daemontools wont read cd image

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    Default daemontools wont read cd image

    hi! im new to daemontools and im having some problems. im posting on here because copyright protections are the only reason i can figure that it wouldnt work.

    well, i have all 3 of doom 3's cds in a ccd format. i know how tro mount images and stuff. I mounted the ccds and it read them, and i installed the game without a problem.

    Wehn i mount the image, the picture of the demon comes up like it normally does, but then it says

    |Cannot locate DOOM 3 Disc 1
    | Please insert DOOM 3 Disc 1, select OK and restart application

    I also have the same problem with mechwarrior 4. it installs but it doesnt play. It gives me the same error message as doom 3.

    if you could help me, i would really appreciate it. thanks.

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    trash your CCD images and recreate in MDS format (with alcohol)

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    CCD is out of order. :twisted: :mrgreen:


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