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Thread: Total newbie, help to mount images

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    Default Total newbie, help to mount images

    Hi guys,

    I need help; I can't mount some images: I tried with Bicycle Board Games(Safedisc LT) and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000; in the first case the mounted image doesn't pass the cdcheck(safedisc emulation enabled) because my copy hasn't any read error; in the 2nd case I don't understant how to mount the image; the installation of the game requires both cds. I tried to use 2 virtual devices but I should insert the 2nd cd in the drive where I inserted the 1st; I tried to unmount the 1st image when it has been installed and mount the 2nd; installation is ok but the cdcheck isn't passed.
    My OS is winME.

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    how did you make these images? Try using clonecd, alcohol 120, or ********. Also try enabling safedisc emulation in d-tools.

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    Thanks for your reply, I'll try.


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