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Thread: ISO setup closes after 10-15 seconds

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    Ausrufezeichen ISO setup closes after 10-15 seconds

    So basically it's this, ISO setup closes after 10-15 seconds. It doesn't matter if it is installing or not. It just closes. And apparently
    I don't know why it is happening, because first of all I had the exact same ISO setup completed before.(one of my hard drives died so I am forced to re-install the program)
    And apparently after checking the event viewer there is nothing that indicates any sort of error. So I'm puzzled, but then again my knowledge wouldn't let me understand anything even if it would be there.

    I've tried re-installing Daemon tools.(lite version) The Uninstall and then delete all related files, so that it's a clean uninstall. Needless to say, that didn't work. Did the malware and virus scan. I did have some malware in my system, but since after i cleaned i did the same procedure nothing changed. I don't think that malware was at fault here. And virus scan didn't find anything.
    So I basically don't know what to do. Help is appreciated.

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    Untypical behavior. Does problem happen with all images or with the specific one? Only with ISO or any image formats else?
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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