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Thread: System Shock 2?

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    Default System Shock 2?

    Hey all,

    Trying to make a working image of system shock 2. This is my frist attempt doing anything like this using daemon-tools. I get to run the install fine after making an ISO. Then I eject the disk, run the ISO from daemon-tools and install the game. Install is successful, however when I try to run the game using the shortcut in my start menu or using the .exe from the install location, I get a message stating to choose the correct cdrom and then it stops and I Have to start over again. Can anyone help me with this?


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    I do not know which copy protection System Shock 2 is protected with, please specify if you can (using the tools mentioned in the first post of the "Copy Protected Games"-thread).

    Please also post which operating system, CD/DVD-drives (ROMs and RWs) and which copy programs (e.g. Alcohol, CloneCD, BlindWrite) you are using - including the version number.

    That will make it much easier to help you.

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    I am pretty sure System shock 2 is protected by safedisc. Therefore, you should be able to make an image (and burn a backup) using clonecd, alcohol 120, ********.

    You might want to enable 'fast skip' mode, or use d-tools fastdump feature (read the manual).


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