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Thread: windows 64

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    Default windows 64

    Operating System: windows 64
    Burning Software: none
    Anti-virus Software: nav
    DAEMON Tools Version: 347

    hello, I've got the beta of windows 64 bit, and i knew that daemon tools probably wasn't going to work, i got an install error, durring installion.

    just wondering if you there is a daemon tools for 64 bit windows yet? or if it's under devolpement? if you need any beta testers for it, i'ld be happy to lend a hand.

    Has any body else got windows-64 yet? if so, were you able to install it?


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    Default RE: windows 64

    Operating System: Windows XP x64
    Burning Software: none
    Anti-virus Software: kasperski
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    I've installed Windows XP x64 (Beta 1281) and I think it works great!

    Daemon Tools is working on a 64-bit version (atleast I hope so!)
    Lets wait some more until we can mount our images on the future AMD64 Operating System.

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    64bit-Version is already in development. We will announce it if we need
    additional 64bit-betatesters.

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    Operating System: Windows XP
    Burning Software: Nero 6.0
    Anti-virus Software: Norton Anti-Virus
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    So wait, DAEMON Tools doesn't work with Windows XP? Well, that explains a few things...

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    Daemon Tools DOES work with Windows XP, but DOES NOT with any 64 bit version yet :!:
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    Default Daemon tools with winxp x64

    Operating System: WinXP Pro x64 build 3790
    Burning Software: None yet
    Anti-virus Software: None yet
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    Hi there,

    So I wanted to install D-tools too and end up here!

    As I now understand, there is no available D-tools for winxp x64, yet.

    Is it possible to opt-in for a newsletter when a compatible x64 version from d-tools comes available?

    Or do I need to return on a regular basis? Could you tell me how long it is gonna take to get such version developed?(I understand it's impossible to give an exact release date)

    thnx in advance,


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    no newsletter atm, we're already thinking about such option - but only
    when there's indeed much interest. For now you've to visit our website
    on a regular basis, sorry

    Version is under development, but as always: no ETA yet

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    Default faster would be better lol

    Operating System: windowsXP 64bit beta
    Burning Software: nero/dvd decoder et all
    Anti-virus Software: any suggestions?
    DAEMON Tools Version: none yet

    volunteering for d-tools beta when available

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    Operating System: XP x64
    Burning Software: yet no
    Anti-virus Software: yet no
    DAEMON Tools Version: I need one!!!

    I also want to be a beta-tester if there is a versiob to test - i also need the 64bit-version of daemon-tools

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    Operating System: Windows Xp Pro x64
    Burning Software: None
    Anti-virus Software: None
    DAEMON Tools Version: None

    I notice some people have nero stated as their burning software. Does this work with XP x64?
    Sorry to deviate from the topic

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