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Thread: Enabling d-tools on demand

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    Default Enabling d-tools on demand

    Operating System: windows 2000
    Burning Software: DVDDecryptor/deepburn
    Anti-virus Software: none.
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

    Hi, Im sortof a freak about what i have running on my computer at all times. Specifically background services. I dont use daemon tools alot, maybe once in a awhile ( like today ). I had uninstalled daemon tools awhile ago as i rarely ever used it. I dont need it loaded at all unless I need it. Is there a way to disable d-tools from loading itself and is it possible to enable/disable it on-demand. I looked for a windows service but I could not find one so i guess it must be using some type of driver. Thanks

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    if i disable the scsi cdrom device driver in device manager, and the startup frontend, will that completely eliminate dtools from memory?


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