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Thread: Online-graveyard with rotten zombies - visit now!

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    Default Online-graveyard with rotten zombies - visit now!

    The online-graveyard with rotten zombies has been opened for visitors!
    Come to

    Many new zombie rose from their graves to become undead beings.
    You can watch them in the incredible graveyard's gallery!

    Visit today!


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    Even more corpses have risen and are now crowding the graveyard, like this evil one:

    If this isn't even funny enough, you can actually *hear* the zombies groaning when you visit the graveyard! We have massenweise zombies -

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    We've added a new topic to our scary graveyard: The MOZART(tm)! Even the original Mozart rose from his grave to present this:


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    What do you think of zombie-comics (click to view it)??
    Soon, more will follow on our graveyard site!

    (If you've cached our site: The comic is also in the MOZART-area.)
    The Boardzombie's website.

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    Just interested - did anyone bookmark our zombie-graveyard? I'm planning new stuff & updates right now for the site, so... are there a few zombie fans in this forum? (As I'm the official board zombie I must keep up my reputation :wink: )

    Edit: American McGee is hosting some awesome zombie pictures here - I especially like the butcher zombie.
    The Boardzombie's website.


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