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Thread: CMD Line Discovery Of Drive Letters

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    Default CMD Line Discovery Of Drive Letters

    Can you find out the drive letter of a mounted device from the command prompt. It is so I can allow a batch file to run a program from a mounted CD without having to use a static drive letter, which could cause problems on PCs with different hardware.

    If this is or isnt possible or someone can think of a better methods please let me know.

    Just like to say,
    I work in the ICT support department of a large school in the UK. We are hoping to use Daemon tools extensively in our school and also in our primary school cluster. So I would just like to say thanks for making this excellent program free to educational institutes, its a god send.

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    You may try with the Vdesk & BTEWin package (get it from my homepage).

    The following variables and variable functions are supported by the BTEWin's script language in the Daemon Tools' area :

    %_DAEMONDRIVES : Number of CD/DVD drives currently emulated by Daemon Tools.

    %@DAEMONLETTER[device] : Returns the drive letter corresponding to the given device. Requires Daemon Tools to work.
    %@DAEMONIMAGE[device] : Returns the image that is currently mounted on the given device. It will only return an image name if it is mounted and ready to use, i.e. not ejected. Example: if (compare "%@DAEMONIMAGE[0]"="") messagebox There's no image mounted on drive %@DAEMONLETTER[0]

    Read the license and the documentation for further details.


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